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Texas A&M University
Department of Mathematics & Department of Finance


The MSQF program is designed with flexibility in mind, but the following example schedule should provide students with a better idea of how they will proceed through the program.

Example Schedule

Fall I MATH 425 The Mathematics of Contingent Claims 3 cr
MATH 609 Numerical Analysis 4 cr
MATH 647 Mathematical Modeling 3 cr
Spring I MATH 602 Methods and Applications of PDE 3 cr
MATH 619 Applied Probability 3 cr
STAT 631 Statistical Finance 3 cr
Fall II FINC 648 Advanced Investments 3 cr
FINC 650 Empirical Methods in Finance 3 cr
FINC 651 Macro-Finance 3 cr
Spring II FINC 660 Fixed Income Analysis 3 cr
FINC 665 Derivative Securities 3 cr
FINC 688 Theory of Corporate Finance 3 cr