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Texas A&M University
Department of Mathematics & Department of Finance



Students in the program will take 8 core courses (4 in mathematics / statistics and 4 in Finance). These core courses are supplemented by 2 elective courses in mathematics and 2 elective courses in Finance / Management info systems / Cybersecurity / Supply Chain Managment for a total of 12 courses.

Additional Opportunities

Students are strongly encouraged to attend to the following two opportunities (not counting towards their degree plan):
  • FINC 601 (Financial Analysis Practicum - Boot camp) purpose is to prepare students to be the best possible job candidate, employee and among the best business leaders in the world. In particular, the objectives of the boot camp is to
    • Introduce students to the culture and values of business and finance from dress/etiquette and to industry/current events to personal marketing/communications, teamwork and self-motivation.
    • Prepare students for hiring seasons.
    • Provide a baseline knowledge of financial reporting and analysis, quantitative methods, and corporate finance.
    The boot camp is only offered in summers and MSQF students are invited to join this bootcamp otherwise restricted to students enrolled in the Master in Finance program. Orientation day is usually the last day of the Spring final exams while the actual boot camp takes place during the four weeks before the Fall semester starts.
  • Company rotations organized by the Department of Finance. In Fall, invited companies will provide an overview of themselves, and internship and/or full time opportunities.

Core Courses

MATH 425 The Mathematics of Contingent Claims 3 cr
MATH 689* Mathematical Tools for Asset Pricing and Risk Analysis 3 cr
MATH 679 Mathematical Algorithms and their Implementation 3 cr
FINC 685* Research Methods in Finance 3 cr
FINC 685* Advanced Fixed Income 3 cr
FINC 685* Stochastic Methods in Finance 3 cr
FINC 685* Introduction to Banking and Risk Management 3 cr
STAT 631 Statistical Methods in Finance 3 cr

* Permanent course number to be obtained.

Math Electives

Chose two courses subject to approval by the Department of Mathemtics.

MATH 609 Numerical Analysis 3 cr
MATH 619 Applied Probability 3 cr
MATH 625 Applied Stochastic Differential Equation 3 cr
MATH 647 Mathematical Modeling 3 cr
MATH 664 Topics in Mathematical Data Science 3 cr
MATH 677 Mathematical Foundation of Data Science 3 cr
MATH 651 Optimization 3 cr

Finance Electives

Chose two courses subject to approval by the Department of Finance

SCMT 650 Applied Predictive Analytics for Business 3 cr
FINC 661 Trading Risk Management 3 cr
FINC 685* Quantitative Investing 3 cr
FINC 688 Theory of Finance 3 cr
ISTM 635 Business Information Security 3 cr
ISTM 645 IT Security Controls 3 cr
ISTM 655 Security Management and Compliance 3 cr
CYBR 661 Cybersecurity Policy, Issues and Operations 3 cr

* Permanent course number to be obtained.

Typical Timeline

Typical Timeline for Pre-admit students