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Texas A&M University
Department of Mathematics & Department of Finance



Students in the program will take 18 hours of mathematics courses and 18 hours of finance courses, for a total of 36 hours. The statistics course STAT 631 (Statistical Finance) can serve as a substitute either for three credits of mathematics courses or for three credits of finance courses. It is recommended to take FINC602, FINC 603 and FINC642 first, then mixing math and finance classes, leaving FINC 688 for the end.

Mathematics Courses

The curriculum of mathematics courses is intended to provide students with the quantitative background they need to succeed in quantitative finance.

Core Mathematics Courses

MATH 425 The Mathematics of Contingent Claims 3 cr
MATH 609 Numerical Analysis 4 cr
MATH 619 Applied Probability 3 cr
MATH 647 Mathematical Modeling 3 cr

Mathematics Electives

MATH 601 Methods of Applied Mathematics I 3 cr
MATH 602 Methods and Applications of PDE 3 cr
MATH 606 Probability I 3 cr
MATH 610 Numerical Methods for PDE 4 cr
MATH 611 Introduction to ODE and PDE 3 cr
MATH 615 Introduction to Classical Analysis 3 cr
MATH 625 Stochastic Differential Equations 3 cr
MATH 639 Iterative Techniques 4 cr
MATH 641 Analysis for Applications I 3 cr
MATH 651 Optimization 3 cr
MATH 677 (upcoming) Mathematical Foundation of data science 3 cr
MATH 644 (upcoming) Topics in Mathematical data science 3 cr
MATH 679 (upcoming) Mathematical algorithms and their implementations 3 cr

Finance Courses

The curriculum of finance courses focuses on quantitative methods.

Required Finance Course

FINC 688 (*) Theory of Finance 3 cr

May be repeated for credit, best taken at the end of the program. In accordance with the Texas A&M University Graduate Catalog. The Department of Finance teaches four or five different topics under the FINC 688 course number. The two courses listed here are different courses taught under the same FINC 688 label.

Core Finance Courses

FINC 602 Corporate Finance 3 cr
FINC 603 Investments 3 cr
FINC 642 Financial Markets 3 cr
FINC 648 Advanced Investments 3 cr
FINC 650 Empirical Methods in Finance 3 cr
FINC 651 Macro-Finance 3 cr
FINC 660 Fixed Income Analysis 3 cr
FINC 665 Derivative Securities 3 cr
FINC 685 Quantitative Investment 3 cr
FINC 685 Model Development 3 cr

Statistics Course

Students in the program can substitute the following statistics course for three credits of mathematics coursework or three credit of finance coursework.

STAT 631 Statistical Finance 3 cr

Industrial & Systems Engineering Courseis

Upon aproval by the program director, students in the program can substitute the following course for three credits of mathematics coursework.

ISEN 662 Linear Programing 3 cr
ISEN 663 NonLinear Programing 3 cr